MLAs Alexis and D’Eith say that new funding will help communities prepare for extreme heat events

MISSION ­–­ MLAs Pam Alexis and Bob D’Eith say that the new funding will help the City of Mission and Leq’a:mel First Nation prepare for extreme heat events and keep people safe during future emergencies.

“The heat came a little later this summer, but it was certainly a reminder of how suddenly it can affect us and how important it is that we are prepared for extreme weather. This funding will help local governments and officials prepare to support their communities whenever extreme heat occurs,” said Pam Alexis, MLA for Abbotsford-Mission.

Across B.C., 36 First Nations and local governments are receiving a share of almost $1.9 million in funding to help communities implement projects such as extreme heat risk mapping, risk assessments, extreme heat response plans, and climate adaptation planning.

The City of Mission will be receiving $30,000 in funding for their Extreme Heat Program. Leq’a:mel First Nation will also receive $30,000 for an Extreme Heat Resilience and Capacity Building Project.

“Providing the city of Mission with these funds for their Extreme Heat Project will make sure that we are even more prepared next year for extreme heat events. We want everyone to be able to stay cool and safe during extreme temperatures, and local governments know the needs of their communities best,” said Bob D’Eith, MLA for Maple Ridge-Mission.

The Community Emergency Preparedness Fund is an important part of the Province’s Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy, and complements the BC Heat Alert and Response System, launched earlier this year. The $189-million fund is administered through the Union of BC Municipalities and supports programs that strengthen the resilience of First Nations, and local governments in responding to and preparing for natural disasters and climate change.

Since 2017, First Nations and local governments have received more than $50.8 million through the CEPF for more than 1,000 projects that help communities mitigate and prepare for disasters and climate-related emergencies.


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